A Melancholic Porch


abdicate, A wet porch expelled

abort, all at sea, aligned to the railway

Abraham-men, counterfeit architecture, sold as seen

absolute, no possibility to absolve, perfect helplessness

absolve, nonetheless prepared for calm to descend

Acherontic, grey graves twisting under soil

adamant, common concern foremost, slanting rain

adust, blackness overhead, baseless affliction

advoutry, never true even to that which pains

affect, wearing melancholy on the skin

affright, startles and does not match the terrain

afternoon-men, idle speculator, at close of day

alexipharmacum, to see extensions as antidotes

alicant, banality (child leaning on the legs of its parent)

alkermes, conjoined features, without purpose

all out, bound between an image and what can be said about it

almuten, point of shelter projecting outward

ambidexter, switching each segment of an island

ammi, kept company by laceflowers, stars strung in a nave

amphibological, to observe brick, sidelong or mountainous

ampliation, pitched profile, as in structural resistance

angust, as though meant to disappear

annexed, with meaning and emptiness intervening

antic, left isolated, gargoyle in the eaves

apologer, wary of exaggerated design

apophlegmatisms, let alone temptation to refuse further investment

approve, theories cannot be tested

aristolochy, walls studded with variants of pipevine

ascendant, imprecise hour, call without horizon

assassinate, the sound of which is a killer

Atellanes, a ludicrous outing, horrifying desperation

Austrian planets, church circuits, rituals composed in the moment

available, in the hope that patterns transfer into serviceable action.


bable, Removeable tokens, souvenirs of the stomach

baby, reduced to something that does nothing but look back

ballet, singing songs of disgust

balloon, “Begone Politicos, before you pass us between hands”

bangle, transformed into commodity-beef

barley-break, forgetting what it is to be un-captured

bassa, page-fold atop a flowerhead, an orange saddle

bastard, drinking from long flutes

Bavarian chin, when the neck bloats, air is cut off

bayard, blind, crowding the innards, dirt in a tin

bedlam, granule of distemper underneath arches

bewray, far removed, even from insurrection

bezoar's stone, porch polyp in the lining

bird, nestling in a bubble curve

black guard, downwind of institutions, ready-to-eat

bloody-fallen, poor circulation, disenfranchised, church-dumb

bole, chewed-fat clod, adorned with extras

bona-roba, disregarded streets, apportioned market index

box, venturing numbers corresponding only with faith tics

brach, guarded by dogs, crisply folded vested interest

Brachmanni, privilege being the ultimate reality underlying all phenomena

brachygraphy, short for vengeance, on land, sea, and air

brangling, if you dare quarrel or resist the strip

brief, crosshairs on staves

brise, called-in from beyond the tropics

Brontes, one targetting eye, a sorry state

bull's feathers, leave you with a badge to wear

Burbonian planets, black flag in sun, pressed into another age

busk-point, trussed up in sectors

by-respects, all means, private ends.


calamistrate, Pulling at the hair, an open malaise

cample, acknowledges disaster in the streets

canvas, immediately dismissed as melancholic

capcase, targeting jackals of capital and processes of distribution

capital, from head down, trickling at the neck

card, a poverty of spirit traced in leagues

careful, suited to self-preservation

cari, extracted oils and tars

carl, ready to bite all manner of hands

caroche, whenever training is not taken up by indigenous forces

cast, entire strategies discredited, rough body count

casting-counters, put into endless uneven tallies

castril, picked at by birds, dragged up concrete sloughs

catholic, desperate for remedial evaporation

caul, before hot colour escapes swollen bags

cautelous, nervous crowds poking with sneakers

censure, with unsure timing of judgment, when

cerotes, fellow citizens turn to clothed wax

ceruse, gone white in sandy run-offs

ceterach, organs unfurled into showreels

chalastic, bowels exeunt

character, where it is written, pulled to the outside

chequin, sequins pressed into the earth

china, rooting for seepin' sarsaparilla

chitty, amid poor returns

choler, staying alive with bile

chuff, irreconcilable to

cicliminus, forgotten cyclamen shades of living flesh

circumforanean, seen last on that itinerant consumer

civilian, law-abiding all the while

clanacular, submerged typologies

cloth, numerous as pollen points

clothing, knots in the means of production

coal, subject to pyrolysis of the spirit

cockney-like, exhibiting qualities that are other

cog, in order to press a deal

coll, moved into the nape with force

collapsed, everything runs into decay

collogue, smoother than is granted

colly, thick layers of darkness under the feet

colone, lone labourer standing in a field

colt's evil, wary of distemper

combust, obscured by light 

come off, lined up for recompense

comical, in the form of a gut-buster

commencements, ceremoniously started

commodity, shareholdings for profit

commons, shoved in with the regular diet

compinged, stoma gases fermenting

complement, with added flourish

complexion, a fully recognised constitution

complicate, already addled

composed, insistent for that which

conceit, (as) you might imagine

conceited, laughter spoils your face

concent, in the name of democracy

concoct, acid slowly eating the lining

condite, fat candied and crystalline

conditions, disturbed by moral fumes

confer, out of joint with requisitioned halls

confine, bodies tight as fingers in refrigeration trucks

consisting, packed in white sheaves

constantly, sleeping steadfast now

constellations, a blankness from which to cast futures

constringe, pulled together

contract, woven into paper

controvert, regional disputes

convented, laid atop one another

conversions, daily sufferings

cony-catching, betrayals and bluffs

cornute, cuckolded and spun

coronet, the crown of every City

corrivate, settled on gathered rivers

corsive, the seat of power

cowl-staff, caustic liquid, populations slung over its back

crack, crowing ancient patterns

crowned, of militarised sovereigns

crucify, free to distress all surrounding lands

cubbed up, to imprison in banks

curious, the particular care of an electorate

curr, dead as fowl with golden eyes

curranto, commentary depicted as running

cuscuta, when it might be lame

cushion-dance, as an object passed to hand

cut-works, common lands stitched up together.


Dœdalian, Fresh units cut mazes through houses

damnified, piercing wall membranes

dare, threading shocked faces on wire

day-net, captured in a bulb trap

daysman, a move judged without orient

debility, with no planetary cause to still it

deboshed, in its depravity

deducted, slaked and wanting

defecate, a pure conviction

defect, set as the default

dehort, over-force to dissuade

deliquium, to run down a domestic mass

descry, echo-located, night-visioned

detect, rooms revealed point-to-point

detracted, minus your living space

detriment, the sign of your resistance absent

dia-, the panacea of the earth

dictery, closed off in aphorism

dilate, or setting free the blood

dilling, all that is dear-held

diminutives, evaporates

disprove, not allowed to root

distillation, but caught in the lung

dittander, like a wort

diverb, language ill-fitting every tract

divulge, still pressed and distributed

dizzard, to every bloc

dodecatemories, under whatever sign

dorp, or domicile

draught, stinking houses, riddled palaces

dropax, requisitioned with sound

drugger, spiked with trinkets for spoils

dummerer, to play dumb in photographs

dust-worm, with Dictators' money.


earth-spine, Ornamental gardens of squashed pine

eclegm, form aisles of remedies on the riverbank—

economical, household tinctures from imported specimens

eloge, at the site of televisual addresses, in garden cups

eminent, microphone foam, intractable invasion denials

enarration, berating slurp (mirrored spectacles, human tongues for epaulets)

encyclopœdian, propaganda for a closed circle

end, every inch of the nation fragmented, reclassified as dunes

engine, barreled with chemically bound packages

entreat, lavished upon small-hour suburbs

enula campana, that leak like roots over the fields

epicure, pressing down upon the nature of things

epithyme, parasitic suckers clasping sleeping heads

equant circles, a blast radius crowned with a gaseous loop

erear, lifting hundreds off, close to thousands

err, pestilential numbers, whosoever seeks to mislead

escape, whatever barbarous fix

ethnics, or uncivilised release

euripe, traces effects on physiognomy (map depression)

evirate, stripped clean

exaggerate, enjoined in heaps

exagitate, disturbance in the soil

exhaust, resorting to burning, faced with such numbers

exolete, continuing to live, as obsolete function

exonerate, such appearances cannot be borne out

exornation, because details will stick to you

explode, no matter how they cast, or

expostulate, stand up to question—

extent, what pulls away from the object is only shadow

extenuation, that which belittles every claim to presence.


fabulous, Otherwise get carried away

facete, with quickness of facility, smirk of ordnance

fact, before accomplishments be pre-empted

fairybabe, bodies of children, numerous as insect husks

fall, spotted over the rims of drop collars

falling sickness, when assessing the fits on video streams—

familiar, the habits of judgement

fay, expunge themselves

feral, of all appalling visions

fieldone, distributed across the landscape

finger-fern, spleen vents painted in at near-distance—

fitches, death, common as vetch

flaggy, casual thought devastating the earth simply

fleer, by glancing over its cheek

flirt, water over the sides of a vessel

fly out, dispersant

foal-foot, in a recoil

foot, as with every case

foot-clothes, tied to this same land—

forspoken, no matter how possessed

fortunately, or heavy with possessions

fox, cut in half or doubled

freckons, dotted with youth or age

fucate, disguised or plain viewed

fumadoes, a patient

funge, without intelligence

fustilugs, charged with liquor

fuzzled, or beheaded by doubt.


galanga, Nonetheless, a rooted nerve

genethliacal, seen as a system in the skies

genist, a profusion swept edge to edge

geniture, in which all future measures are lost

ghost, and therefore do not let go

good cheap, defforts discarded

goosecap, from all but the most silent

Grobian, or the least apt to move

grosses, from soft European markets

gryphes, all fantastical beasts of speculation

guarded, hedged with perforated faces

gubber-tushed, closed over powdery teeth

gymnics, doing their circuits.


haberdine, Saline lumps

hacker, of the tormentor's fingers

have and hold, take grip

hemrods, haunting the arsehole

hodœporicon, of every step taken

hold, on life’s bitter grasp

homocentric, circling around infinite self-dots

hone, calling for themselves

horoscope, spurious entitlements

horrid, untamed desires

hot-house, that ought to be drained

husband, or worked from the dust

husbandman, provided with commentary

huswife, from a dirty mouth

hylech, as much as a nominal planet.


idle-headed, When illuminated

imbonity, the head doesn't fit right enough

immund, thoughts paste themselves onto screens

impassionate, talked up as banalities

impolite, given to false historical understanding

importune, barbarism tucked away neat

impostume, as poison latent in a sac

impress, in which countless captives are sealed:

incend, souls inflamed

incondite, forever torn from home

incubus, such is this unforgivable age

indefinite, irrevocably

indifferent, held in common as suffering

indulge to, either passed through a horn

Indy bone, or caught in ivory

inescate, what is accursed lies everywhere

inform, ready to fathom us

ingeminate, force us to repeat

ingenite, everything birthed

insensible, as written across cells

insist, in every dwelling place

insuavity, locked into the dreadful body—

insult, that which revolts us

intempestive, always stands as an outsider to time—

intend, where attention is fixed

intensive, upon body-less speculation

intention, that deepens

intentive, develops a force of will

interrupt, liable to corrupt

intricable, entangle itself

irrefragable, before claiming permanence.


jack, To slip amongst thornéd enemies

jet, with a loaded walk

Jovial, bounced by the State

jument, trussed like a mule

just, as the only response.


keelpins, The mobs and masses cave in

keep up, having absorbed passivity

kell, either hooded or not,

kill up, to drop the dope through the trap, waiting

knights of the post, for menial witnesses to go viral.


labdanum, A perfumed resin around the mouth

lamia, unending death, an appetiser

landleaper, vagrant hope possessed of such vanity

lapis Armenus, small coinage furring up the hands

laplolly, turning firm soil to oil marsh

lask, bile-sweet paste from the guts

lave-eared, hunker down for the noise

lee, of potassium hydroxide cylinders

let, falling end-over-end

libertine, lawless, this grace

lie down, lines your box

likely, upon your come-likely demise

limbec, condensed into a receiver

litargy, coloured by nitrates and silver stone

litigious, spent of raw crime

livor, malignantly pitched

long square, dimensions of constellated bodies

lurch, creased in limb bags

lusorious, according to lots.


macerate, Forced to monitor this

made, surrogate for a condition

magistery, with all living creatures mastered

magistral, entered into special measures

make away, to be slaughtered in numbers

mala insana, demented seeds kept in flesh

maleficiate, madly spinning out

mancipate, planted as spoils

many, orgies of larval bodies

mard, swilling the shit

marish, of a world fully clouded over

maukin, except that lone figure standing

Medicean stars, orbited and scarred

mediocrity, positioned at centre

mends, looking to amend

mere, a field ceaselessly open

meskite, already seared from worship

metoscopy, mud lines across a moon

minion, for an ancient mark-up

misconster, mistaken in every chart

mithridate, as a pause against horror

Mogor, statues hooded in the desert

moldiwarp, countless others buried around them

moll, ringed by pulleys, ankle snappers

momentany, regimes folded like steel roll

monocerot, turned into colourless myth

monomachy, such a beast caught by hand

moorish, sunk into the earth

mope, a wild bearded cave-dweller

mormoluches, a devil having swallowed his suit

morphew, eyes chewed with dust

mother, hysteric for barrel-mounted flashbulbs

motion, pulled out of a rat hole hat

mummia, bandaged by entitlement already

muscadine, the seep of presidential liquor

muse, pulled through a gap

mushato, a leader’s moustache lost to view.


nœnia, Come on drone, we all feel remote

nœves, assigned from the start, deployed from distance

naughtiness, ACFT RNG ELV ARM

naughty, operating above the veil, undervalued

nectarine, atmospheric persica fuzz

neoteric, slavering techno-deserts advance

nodule, with sackful panacea

noise, drummed into the sand.


oaf, A consumer deformed

object, lest they be seen

oblige, to become dependent upon

obnubilate, what is kept from them

obtrectation, down the well of spectacle

occur, whether this has any remedy

occurse, possibility of collective purpose

ocyme, beyond the flavour of placation

oilet-holes, wholly transparent

opinative, even dissent claims ownership of streets

opiparous, fattened crowds emerging

oppunger, vulnerable to snipers

orbities, pinpoint erasures

origan, shipping victims to green fields

otacousticon, instead of city spaces amplifying screams

ouch, layout grips the public throat

outside, for what the net captures

overseen, comes apart as false.


painful, Labour is made to strike

paint out, or redact the contracted form

pantofle, of assumed comfort

parable, so easily bought

parœnetical, or convinced as such

parietines, from capriccio outskirts

particular, of the ruinous self

partile, all its charts complete

passenger, with no stranger warmed at the border

peckled, flecked with human qualities

peculiar, only in those accountable cases

period, summed against domestic productivity

personate, by soap sheathed leaders

perspective, vanished in a rushing point

perstringe, dazzling with curses

philosopher's game, moved across the board

pickitivant, labelled as hirsute

pickthank, thereby not to be trusted

pigsney, with any open gesture

pill, stolen from old civilisation

pina, difficult to grasp as sweet

pistick nuts, sickly green under the meat

pittivanted, and the duplicitous beard

plashed, in which plots are woven

plunged, to the bafflement of all

points, concerned with methods of surveillance

poke, contained in swellings

politicians, measured in inches

poll, according to what's stolen

polyanthean, rote soundbyte

polygraphy, decoded only for those known

pontifical, to be kept under starched clothing

poor-john, similar to flesh

popular, whatever is engineered

portuous, by any little-read book

positively, that which is surrendered to orthodoxy

powdered, made to endure with salt

precise, on the assumption of pure thought

presently, attained instantly

press, or inflicted by others

pretend, all the while alleging

preteriton, those that will be condemned

prevent, or can expect to wait for

prick, a rod pointer

print, in, deliberately applied

prize, as a serial assertion

probable, proposed as

procession, a petition of the people

produce, lengthening

promissors, the portent of everyday life

propend, sagging with the weight

propugner, of resistance

prosecute, everything that follows

prospective, glimpsing loose landscape

prune, to be prettified

pullen, domesticated

purly-hunter, within privately named domains

purposes, thrown into contradiction

put case, supposed in advance

put down, a state of ruin declared

put to, accelerated

put up, accepted

putid, utterly without meaning

pythonissa, split on the tongue.


quit, Give over.


rabato, Underneath the ceremony

rack, the same basic flesh

ramshead, staple foods

range, arranged according to group

rascetta, where to sever the hand

redshanks, of mountain people

refel, organised resistance

regiment, purely as sustenance

rejourn, guided by

remit, what fades into distance

rent, always resulting in

respect, exchanged values

respective, taken into account

respectless, primed to ignore

rhododaphne, capitalise on the rubble

rivel, squeeze out and maximise

roaring-meg, carbine noise

Rosy-cross men, holy people blushing

round, sacred sotto voce

rude, all underlying stuff

rumney, heady brute

rustics, offered by those in isolation.


sallet, Baby shoots

salvatella, sensation at the tip

sanded, beach buggy casualties

sanders, fragrant as Santalum

Saturnine, from this melancholy position

satyricon, held in ovals

scald, of unpleasant texture

scale, stages to be cut off

scamble, re. everyday shit

scant, putting inner shift

schede, with the pen and block

scolopendria, arranged in rows of simple division

scordium, taken for an intestinal complaint

scrat, cancelled out

secure, reliably all over

selenites, as adularescence

sensible, partaking of affect

serjeant, in the midst of institutions

serves, rare public duty

setting-stick, hand-held vanity

shadow, pulled down (blind)

shut up, ended after all

significator, borne in the habitable zone

site, tidally locked or not

skill of, adept (unstable genus)

sleeveless, wholly without consequence

smell-feast, latest face-hugger

snite, chirruping venom

Sophy, as if higher, taller

spagirically, bred in the blood

speculation, surveying to weigh

spike, planted by the father

spital, quarantined

stale, to draw the fire

stand to, take the shots

stare, rising to a murmur

steganography, of coded exchange

stern, one of a thousand points of light

stick-free, cannot be pointed out

stigmatize, without popping the heart

still, will this never end

stœchas, scented to hide the stink

stramineous, lacking inner substance

stupend, to a stunning degree

stut, tripping on the tongue

submiss, swallowing what’s there

substance, in excess beyond number

suffite, a wafting aftermath

superparticular, of tallies uneven.


table, Pills, pills, pills

tables, manoevered against draughts

take place, hit the spot

tassel, a raptor’s eye

temperature, balanced physiognomy

temptestively, according to condition(s)

tender, acknowledged as value

tenent, principally said

tenter-bellies, ceaseless feeding

terms, for a cosmological instance

terriculaments, drawing demons near

terse, so simple

testor, seen to be happening

tetric, even when poorly lit

theologaster, as an evangelist’s brow

thistlewarp, red in the face

tire, suited and booted

tit, stub slipped inside the pocket

tobacconist, next to the softpack

topic, whatever’s nearest

torlachers, bummed off a pinch

treacle, tarless palliative

trencher-chaplain, you can confess to

trenchmore, suck in the club

trivant, wasting away in strobe

trivial, senses dulled before and after

trunks, watching exits

tulipant, for a stone in the head

turbith, needing to be flushed out

tympany, lest it outgrow its host.


uncivil, Barbarous nature

unguentum armarium, mirrored salver

union, polished under the tongue

upright shoe, indiscriminate footing

urchin, of the spiralling surround.


vastity, Post-apocalyptic scree

Vatinian, a world denounced finally

vegetal, germination resists

velitation, battling its way through

venditate, to gaps of sound in the light

veneres, billion points of cell-tips

vent, hawking sugars as barter

village, in order to become established

voluntary, as a gift to the grey.


walk, Inside the deer park

want, bereft of all things

wasters, observe those last combatants

watchet, framed in cerulian

wearish, suddenly aged

weel, trapped in the set

wesel, choking at the throat

wether's head, bone capsules collapsing

whenas, in the meantime

whether, presented with choice

winch, of familiar acridity

wistly, aching in the chest

withy-wind, distant flowers walked closer

wolf, underlying growth

woolward, their punishment worn as shield

wreeks, as a cosmic joke

writhen, twisting in the gut.


yellow, Envious of life continuing.